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Anna Catherine

I love cooking when the sky looks as if it will explode on a rainy day, shopping organic hours before and taking all the goodies and cutting them up and stir frying them to make a delicious dinner. I love dancing around to Led Zeppelin, and feeling that I was born in the wrong generation. I love reading outside during the soft cool weather, but don’t mind when the weather is scorching with the sun beating down on the pavement. I love scouring thrift stores to find the clothes that represent my personality. I love eating at vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Watching independent films no one else has seen yet. I love when my plane finally lands and I’m at my new travel destination. I love old cameras, the way they feel and smell and how the film just clicks together. I love watching the news, and keeping myself informed. I love Washington Square Park during the summer, and people watching. I love dancing, and how it always makes me feel better after a long stressful day. I even love my job. I love live music indoors, or outdoors. If love doesn't burn than it isn't worth living in. I bury myself in thoughts and ideals. I react emotionally to the equations of my life, making it difficult to get through to me. I am hardened from the core to the shell, but if I see something in you I'm bound to poke at you till our shells are discarded. I am not interested in finding a lover. I'd prefer a friend who I can share my secrets with. Time builds the most provoking, heartfelt kind of love. I become enraptured in films that touch my soul, shows that are written intelligently, and music that makes my body move. I have always been attracted to tragic souls, people who have suffered traumatic events. I am still trying to reach to the reasoning behind this type of madness, although I am not sure it is a negative trait. You will often find that my closest friends share similar interests as me, and have probably suffered something tragic in their lives. I am obsessed with people who die young but led incredible lives. It is the tragedy that draws me in, and I ache to understand people who were never truly understood. I need people in my life who are passionate and sometimes crazy. I suppose this is why I am often attracted to artists, and anyone who is passionate about what they do for a living, or what they want to do for a living. I'm fervent and hungry to fulfill my goals and imagine myself settling in a European Country someday, drifting from Paris to Barcelona whenever I please. I speak French in my dreams, but after studying it for four years I lost the mechanics and find it hard to carry on a conversation. I am incredibly loyal. I value my friendships deeply. I'm a dreamer and my future seems to hold so many possibilities.

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